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Is The Brisbane Property Market Set To Boom?

The Brisbane property market is showing sizable improvements and seems to be ready for a well-overdue boom. Every significant statistic illustrates enhancement in the Brisbane property market and prices are projected to climb this year. In recent years, many experts had forecast a boom, but Brisbane has lacked the essential growth drivers that improved markets in Sydney and Melbourne in recent...

commercial propery investors what is yield

How important is yield for commercial property investors?

With record-low interest rates and a share market filled with volatility, commercial property has recently become an investment for anyone looking to park their cash and make some returns. Although not every type of commercial property offers up decent yield in comparison to others if you’re investing and love cash flow, the asset type you purchase, and its location will be the difference in yielding...

buying strata properies

Buying Strata Property – What You Need To Know

With the increasing demand for available property in our capital cities, strata-titled properties are becoming a far more profitable and desirable option for investors in Queensland. Whether you are looking to purchase or are already searching for your own strata-titled property, there are some essential components of strata investment that you should research before settling a purchase...

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A Guide to Property Investing in 2020

If you are considering property investment, but you don’t know where to start, this guide should help you get started. In Australia, the real estate market is worth over 6 trillion dollars. That exceeds Australia's combined superannuation funds by three times. Why? It’s easy to understand and it’s tangible. There will always be property demand, which means you will always have a great chance of...

redcliffe poperty developments

Transformation of Brisbane North’s Redcliffe Peninsula

Major Property Developments On The Redcliffe Peninsula On Brisbane’s northside, we’re watching the transformation of Redcliffe very closely. From multimillion-dollar upgrades of shopping centres, health facilities, and stadiums, to brand new residential complexes with dining precincts, the Redcliffe Peninsula will ultimately look very different when these new developments are completed. Bluewater...

sunshine coast property market

Sunshine Coast Commercial Property

Like the rest of Australia, there’s no doubt the Sunshine Coast commercial property market has been hit by COVID-19, particularly with higher vacancy rates and lower rents. Here’s a short run-down based on various sources and research online: Office: 2020 started positively, however since March, as a result of the virus, more people have been working from home which has led to more tenants wanting...

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Property Development Sunshine Coast

There is plenty happening around the Sunshine Coast region. This development has seen Caloundra come in fourth on the UDIA Top 20 list, with Maroochydore at fifth. One of the biggest projects is the development of Australia’s only Greenfield city centre within an urban area. This is currently being developed at Maroochydore and includes commercial, retail, city living, entertainment and lifestyle...

how to keep your property safe

7 top tips for keeping your commercial property safe over Xmas

How To Keep Your Property Safe - Security Being a commercial property owner can be stressful at the best of times, and security is just one of the most common concerns our landlords and tenants tend to face. This is particularly the case around Christmas. If you’re concerned about the security of the premises while you and your team are taking a well-earned break, here are a few of the top tips we...

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Moreton Bay Master Planning Fruition

When it comes to regional master planning, Moreton Bay Regional Council is seeing its fair share of interesting projects coming to fruition. The Redcliffe Peninsula is a focal point of the Moreton Bay Masterplan, intending to increase tourism for the region. From floating pontoons and artificial reefs to ferry services and barge transfers to Moreton Island, the whole masterplan is based on attracting...

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